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Real estate lead generation and management software for agents to automate workflows and eliminate tedious, manual processes so they can spend more time building and strengthening relationships.

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We work for you so you can have a unique platform with fully integrated marketplace for the premium solutions and integrations designed to meet all the needs of your users. Empower agents and teams to customize the Platform and make it their own to win more leads and website enhancements ensuring your agents get maximum return on investment while allocating value back to your brokerage. Regardless of whether you are working as a leading team or just starting out, having the best real estate platform will keep you ahead of other agents.

A lead generation software to help your team, agents and brokerage to drive new business effectively. Empower your agents to generate leads instantly with our user compatible landing pages and IDX squeeze pages. A software to keep your business thriving with minimal effort as the lead generating process can be automated to reduce workload and increase conversions. Irrespective of the size of your business, lead generation is an important part of it, so diversify your lead sources with integrated MLS, Social Media advertising and more.

The customized websites for the real estate companies, agents, and brokers to maximize lead capture with the advanced customer behaviour tracking and portal-like consumer search experience. Advanced search, Hyper-local area pages, Latest or featured properties with map view and valuation pages and an options to add beautiful and optimized images to match the consumer lifestyle and keep customers searching with your brokerage.

Smart CRM serves detailed analytics to give your sales performance a significant boost. Monitoring daily, weekly and monthly data and comparing various sales metrics, helps to make strategies to increase sales. With the new opportunities and automating day-to-day tasks your agents can focus on to improve customer relationship. CRM to improve productivity with lead generation and tracking, maintain detailed client profile, create automated task plans, E-mail and call services for highly integrated customer communication, etc. Experience lead generation with built-in accountability rules, lead routing and mechanized lead follow up.

A real estate mobile app integrated with MLS to make your real estate listings more relevant to what your customers are looking for. MLS helps users to explore the market with the multiple choices from listings build up by the sellers and agents, the app pushes healthy engagement and conversion. In case, if a user is interested in your listing or listing of other agents, you can contact them to help the buyers and can have a share in the commission earned by the listing owner.

Providing a real estate mobile app to your clients is valuable as the real estate market is highly digitized now. Home buyers no longer run from one agent to another to find a suitable property. People now check out properties on their smartphones to easily locate properties that suit their needs. With the integrated map feature customers can easily search for the available properties, see the necessary details in the listings along with the beautiful images, and message you directly through the app.

Our CRM Actively Works for You

From lead inquiry to booking to referrals. Handle more with Agent4Leads Real Estate CRM. If you are a real estate agent or broker, using a real estate CRM software, will help you manage, attract & retain more clients, streamline transactions and close deals on time. Real estate CRM systems can be accessed on mobile devices and desktop for 24-hours a day. With CRM software it is easy to reach clients on time so you don't miss the opportunities as these systems track ample amount of data and business to keep the teams organized, find properties and attract and communicate with prospective, current and past clients.

Our Main Feature
Unlimited Landing Pages

Landing pages developed and tested specifically for real estate to capture lead and deliver the content to the users. Using dynamic landing pages is proven to build the lead database and establish the brand.

Build-in CRM

Built-in CRM that lets a business hold every lead, every customer, every interaction, and every deal under one roof, while also letting you generate reports, automate a bunch of activities, and be available across devices.

Sales Process Automation

Make the daily tasks of sales teams easier and automate your sales pipeline. Right from searching clients to nurturing leads and closing deals, our real estate CRM helps you focus on the vital revenue generating activities and wipe out the laborious tasks.

Lead friendly

Each page has a database in place. This allows you to build specific lead groups easily. You can download the database in one click. Also, integrated with CRM for instant importing of the data for more lead generation.

Meaningful data and Insights

With the search functionality, you can look for the collected data in the Dashboard to elevate your sales game. With a dynamic dashboard, our real estate CRM software presents real-time insights to help you make important business decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get started?

Just schedule a demo with our team for all the detailed information of our platform. Team is 24*7 available to assist you and answer all your queries. Our team will help you with each step including onboarding and guidance for each step.

What do I need to do when the new features are released?

We are providing hosting for your marketplace and handle all technical issues for you. When we update new features on the platform, the marketplace will automatically get updated. So, you don't need to update anything at your end.

Is customization available?

Whether you are a agent or team of experts, Agent4Leads is a great to get started. As we understand each business is different so we are open for the customizations. Get in touch with us for all kinds of work.

How does my 14-day free trial work?

Free trial period allows you to try Agent4Leads Free for 14 days so you have time to know more about the platform and decide if it fulfills your business purpose and suits your team.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. You can purchase a domain name and set it up for your website.

What are your bandwidth fees?

There are none. All Agent4Leads plans include free unlimited bandwidth.

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