Portfolio applications and websites for inspiration and references.

dog salon app

Dog Salon

Dog Saloon is a User friendly pet grooming software that helps managing customers, pets and fix appointments. Perfect for Groomers, provide a map and directions to get you to your next appointment.

fanz app

Fanz Football App

Fanz App is a software for the Football fans to interact with the sports content, unique prizes, and benefits. App help sport organization remain close to their fans & keep them on the edge of their search.

daily learning app

Daily Learning App

My Daily Learning App is a software that help users learn something new every day. Capture all your learning - professional, informal, in the moment, and on the go.

video app

Video App

Video App helps in video chatting and conferencing available that brings you face-to-face with everyone you need to. Eliminate the distance barrier with a face to face video chat app.

cliq app


CHIP App is an Online Money Transaction app that allow users to pay and receive mobile payments using a selection of credit card processors. The money transfer app that ensures your transactions are protected.

peppynitem app

Peppynite App

Peppynite is a Online Booking App that allow users to book venue, flights, club, hotels, destination for wedding, etc. Users can use diferent filters for better search and get the desired results.

charter app

Charter App

Charter App allow users to rent and lend the items from the app. The app allow users to post items and get the custom offers on them. The app helps renting out stuff you own and earning some serious passive income.

campfire app

Campfire App

Campfire is a live streaming app that allow users to see their favorite live events and shows. User can select the suitable plan and enjoy the live TV Straeming Services on Desktop or Mobile.

vocally app

Vocally App

Vocally local is a local deals app that help users to find interesting deals in near by locations. Users can track the latest offers from their favorite retailers and receive push notifications about nearby deals.

campfire app

Shreem App

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campfire app

Handlr App

The application is a stage intended to help home and business administration organisations to run and deal with their whole business by means of the site and Mobile App. The portable application is to be utilised for staff to check in and check out of jobs.This application is to be utilised for cleaning business and will permit other assistance organisations to utilise the site on the payment of the Subscription.

campfire app

Swapay App

"Swapay App is an Online Money Transaction application that permits clients to pay and get versatile installments utilizing a choice of Visa processors. The cash move application guarantees your exchanges are secured.

campfire app

Bamigbe App

This is an Application that is based on the social network platform, where it permits the individuals to send, receive and convey packages across the worldwide work. This application is intended for convey purposes for both Domestic and worldwide limits. To keep away from any burglaries, the administrator is confirming the User and infact the Job posted as well.

Nbp app


"Application’s objective is to allows users to see the drills categories and be able to see the videos under that those are uploaded by the admin.

kickass app

Kickass App

Users can manage their transactions here, can enter transactions for the particular month and for the complete year. Users can get profit and loss transactions in detail. Users can save their yearly data on the drives and dropbox. Invoice and Reports features are also available.