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Customer App

Having a mobile App for your business offers numerous marketing opportunities and helps you reach your target audience, also it offers many other advantages to assist you to move ahead of your competition.

Admin Dashboard

Admin Panels are highly customizable, unlike most ready-made ecommerce and content management systems, designed to address all your needs. These are a huge time savers, sparing developers the need to write code from scratch.

Delivery Agent App

Eliminate manual tasks that slow down processes, increase costs and impact productivity. Advanced automation delivers time and cost savings, minimizes exceptions and enables your staff to focus on more value-added activities like supplier relations and spend analysis.

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Make Your Business Available Online

No matter your industry, we will help you grow your Business.Get in touch to learn how to unlock the full potential of your financial supply chain with Paras Technologies. All our marketplace software are ready to go, scalable and highly affordable. Pick your requirement

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Build Your Branded Marketplace App

Customize Your App/Website as per Your Preference and Brand Guidelines with our Platform. Create & manage an Online community of local stores by building an Online Marketplace.

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Paras Orders Serves Every Industry Needs

We provide clear, simple and straight to the point solutions to the businesses worldwide. we offer a well integrated full scale technological environment to empower your business. Our vision of the future is a world of Visible Commerce – a world with full visibility, full transparency, and full responsibility.Complete visibility across all the flows money, goods, and services around the world, leading to more effective and ethical decision-making.







Serving Clients All Over The World

We follow the top-notch approach; pursue holistic impact; use our experience
and global network to deliver the best of the firm to all clients.


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Offer Your Clients Our End-To-End SaaS Suite

Lead your business with Paras's suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications. We are one of the leading marketers in delivering mobility solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises. We help you offer your clients end-to-end SaaS suite.

Branded Customer App

We offer our customers fully customized applications, as we understand using apps on mobile devices is easier and friendly for users than looking for a website through web browsers.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Admin panel ensures that all administrators actually get benefit from the system. Organizations are made aware of changes in their user's behavior, allowing them to provide an enhanced user experience to gain the preferred business outcomes.

Driver/Provider App

Drivers Mobile App available at your fingertips, these applications give multiple opportunitues to the drivers and easy smartphone option to users for booking and tracking transportation.