How it Works

Our e-mini vehicles are a fun and eco-friendly way to explore the sights around. These electric-powered scooter / boat / snowmobile offer a smooth and effortless ride, allowing you to easily pedal your way around the park without breaking a sweat.

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Scan QR Code

Open app & scan QR code to start your ride

Enjoy Your Ride

Enjoy your ride



The mobile app allow the user to browse for the scooter location, book their rental time, make an online payment, and get the bikes / boat / snowmobile via scan.

Local Experience

User ride on it after completion of the trip lock the cycle and press the completion button. The map allows easy guidance to the different places.


The private transport vehicles is tracked by the app, if any crash occurs in the app then the last location of the Scooter or the user himself contacts the admin.

Rent | Charge | Return

Our App Screenshots

The Application allows users to use the private transport vehicles sharing fully automated system. The admin has printed the QR code on the bikes / boat / snowmobile and station. The user will search for the nearby Scooter and see their rating, name, and distance from the user on the map. The user selects any of the private transport vehicles and books it. After booking the Scooter, the user will get the authentication by the admin to be able to scan the QR code to open the lock of the Scooter. User ride on it after the completion of the trip lock the cycle and press the completion button which will say to the admin that the ride is completed. If the user will not press the complete button the Scooter ride will remain with the user.

Our Admin Panel

Flexible, Affordable, and Accessible on all devices.

Manage E-mini vehicles
  • View the list of all the e-mini vehicles
  • Edit/Delete the e-mini vehicles
  • Add a e-mini vehicles
  • View the list of locations
  • Edit/Delete the Parking Spots
  • Add a Parking spot
E-mini vehicles Related Data
  • Enter the Number or the e-mini vehicles
  • Assign QR Code
  • Prices like Hourly or Fixed
  • Assign Lock Id
  • Initial Location
Location of Parking
  • A number of e-mini vehicles
  • QR code-based management
  • Manager app for parking station