Working Process

How It Works

Create An Account

The first step for both tutors and learners is to create their account on the app. For this, they will have to answer a few questions and the process is very straightforward.

Create a Profile

Tutors and learners will be required to update their profile. For example, tutors will have to put in their expertise and offerings and learners will have to mention what they are looking for.


The next step involves finding the right match. With the help of the app’s algorithm both learners and tutors will start getting matches as per the profile created by them.

Create Education Apps that Transform The Learning Experience

The education sector has seen a significant shift from the offline to online studying. An education app like ours helps in acting as a market place for both learners and tutors and help them get the right match.
Here is what the app offers

Offers 1:1 personalized learning experience

Allows learners to access study material online

Boost collaboration amongst tutors and learners

An Adaptive Business Model For Online Tutoring &
Consulting Platforms

Admin Panel

One Stop Solution to manage your Education business in realtime

  • Keep track on teacher's activity, classes they missed, rescheduled or cancelled.

  • Verify teachers and brokers before they start work.

  • Create jobs, exams, and subscription plans for teachers and students.

  • Set different roles and permission for sub admins.

Get Started

Added features to make the education app promising

Robust Technology and Proven Results

Our app is bug free, and is made with advanced technologies, which makes the app easy to use and has helped in better performance of tutors and learners.

Unlimited Course Creation, Live Lessons

Learning should never stop, hence with the app the tutors get a change to create ample number of course and deliver live lessons.

Membership & Subscription

For continuity of the program, tutors can offer membership and subscription model also to the learners.

Language Translation

The app is available in multiple languages, hence caters to the language needs globally.

Multiple Screen Sharing

The option of screen sharing makes it easy for the remote participants, multiple screens being assigned to the display.

Why Choose Us

Having an easy-to-use education app, makes the life 10x times easier for both the learners as well as the tutors. Here are some of the compelling reasons why you can trust us

100% Data Security

With immense high-quality material fed into the app, we are very conscious about the data privacy. We all every technology in place, which helps in security the data in the best possible way.

Highly Scalable Solution

You need a tutor? You need more business? You need better technology? You will get everything here via the scalable solutions offered by the app.

24X7 Customer Support

In case of any queries or glitch, you can connect with our experts at any point of the day and night with global access.

Launch Your Branded & Feature-Loaded
Tutoring Marketplace With Our Education App
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